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Just a note before I get started. I used to watch this show, from the first episode actually and was a big fan. I loved the kick-ass female scientist who solved crimes despite an over-emotional FBI agent that insisted on hanging around. I loved her kooky assistants and the ridiculous ease at which she leapt to her (almost always) correct conclusions. I also discovered a RL connection to Eric Millegan and decided to fangirl the show. I was never a Booth/Brennan 'shipper though and felt that their relationship was contrived for ratings purposes rather than left to develop naturally a la Mulder and Scully. After what they did to Zack and the introduction of Sweets (really nothing more than a Greek chorus telling us what we the audience needed to think about the unfolding action) I gave up watching. My sister heard though that Eric Millegan was coming back for the 100th episode so I DVRed it. I'm just now sitting down to watch it.

I'm doing this stream of consciousness as I watch:

* Dear lord, David is getting older (but I'm watching Buffy/Angel right now, so yeah).
* Ugh, their "first case" interactions are nothing like their 1st season interactions - this is gonna be stupid.
* I miss the theme music!
* Where's Eric?
* Help, help, my intelligence is being insulted!
* ZACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* "engage in coitus"
* I still find Brennan's social awkwardness very endearing
* It's nice to see David directing, but the fadeouts are bugging me
* OMG! Are we going to get to see Hodgins and Addy blowing things up? LOVE THAT!
* I think Brennan makes those "off" colloquialisms for humorous purposes (on purpose)
* Hi, Eric :D
* Are they seriously asking each other about dating each other?
* Caroline! "A sadistic children's book"
* I'm happy that this show is doing really well, but although I'm enjoying this I don't exactly miss it
* "I don't know what that means" - love you Eric!
* Is this the start of the belt buckles?
* Seriously? SERIOUSLY! THIS? Are you effing serious?
* Now, I'm not a shipper, but this is what they give them?
* I LOVE ZACK! "I can only conclude that you are immensely stupid"
* OOOoooooooh, THERE they are
* She still leaps to conclusions
* Greek Chorus, you're cute but still obnoxious
* She should've punched him
* OMG, stfu Greek Chorus - I get it, you're the biggest 'shipper out there, but really idgaf
* Aw, cute
* Oh please, really? Is this REALLY the route that they're going to go down as a show? Really? Dumb.
* Yeah, I'm a little interested in watching this again, but that's because I LOVE Zack, Hodgins, and Brennan as they were - I'm still pretty convinced I'm not going to like the new show
* Glad I watched this, glad to see Zach, fun episode, lovely, happy to see everyone again!


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