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Title: One Thousand Apologies
Author/Artist: [ profile] colebaltblue
Characters/Pairings: Holmes, Watson, Mycroft, Anthea, Harry, Moriarty (safe for gen or read as pre-slash depending on your goggles)
Rating: PG
Warnings: gratuitous use of photoshop and canon references
Summary: an epistolary tale set during the hiatus, i.e. a story told in images.
Notes: The images are of varying sizes, but have all been shown at 100% here so if you have it set to view in your style, it may mess with your layout, best to view it with styles turned off. Images are large and not dial-up friendly. This was written for [ profile] the_thinktank for the summer round of [ profile] holmestice.

One Thousand Apologies

Please follow the link to the posting available on Holmestice. I've chosen not to post this story here for the time being because doing so would break my journal layout and make it very hard to read here.
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Like everyone else on my F-list. I'm also offering up fanfic if anyone would like to bid. Since the idea is to get people donating to charity, I'm also happy to write for anyone who reads this entry that has already made a donation. Just find some way of showing me that you have and I'll happily fulfill your request.

You can bid here. Bidding starts at $1.

Here is a quick summary for those of you who don't want to click right now:

Offer: Fic, minimum 1,500 words. Bidder can make plot, content, and character requests.

Fandoms (if appropriate): The X-Files, The West Wing, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek (2009), Stargate: Universe, Firefly, JAG, Life, Gladiator, Star Wars (6 movies & early books only), Jane Austen (any book) & many other literary genres and fandoms (please ask).

I will write just about anything except non-con (that includes underage) sex!


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